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There are three types of memberships at Five Boro Electrical Contractors Association: NYC Master Licensed Electrician, Associate Individual Member and Corporate Member. Each membership application must be approved by the majority of the board for acceptance. Please apply by selecting your desired membership type and submitting the form that appears. Upon receipt, one of our members will get back to you to confirm your membership and welcome you!

Individual Associate Member

Those eligible for Individual Associate Member are individuals in the electrical industry, including:

  • Special Licensed Electricians
  • Retired Licensed Electricians (Master and Special)
  • Shareholders in Licensed Electrical contracting companies
  • Electrical Inspectors from approved electrical agencies or municipalities
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Professional Engineers
  • Architects
  • Others, please inquire

Corporate Associate Member

Those eligible for Corporate Associate Member are shareholders in companies in the electrical industry, including:

  • Supply Houses
  • Electrical Manufacturers
  • Electrical Distributors
  • Electrical Representatives of electrical products
  • Others, please inquire

NYC Master Licensed Electrician Member

Those eligible for Master Licensed Member are active licensed electricians only.

  • Active NYC Master Licensed Electrician
  • Retired NYC Masters must apply for individual membership
  • NYC Master Members have full voting rights, unlike associate memberships

First year dues are $225.00. Each year thereafter are $200.00 per year.

NYC Master Application requires a current passport photo, upload with your application or mail to 355 Food Center Drive, Bronx, NY 10474.

A corporate member may send a representative in their place to a meeting.

Associate members do not have voting rights, full voting rights are available for NYC Master Members and Board Members only.

Upon receiving an application and required fees and documentation, the board will review applications at the next E-board meeting. At such time, discussion on the benefits of the applicant’s qualifications will be discussed and voted on. If accepted the membership committee will notify the newly accepted member.


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