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Building a Community of Electrical Industry Giants

Five Boro Electrical Contractors Association Inc. was founded in 1956 with the goal of bringing NYC Electrical Professionals together. Its purpose was to give professionals a platform within the electrical industry to better stand for their rights and oppose unfair regulations. As the organization evolved, it built a strong working relationship with the Bureau of Electrical Control (which is now known as the Department of Buildings). Five Boro has had members on the electrical license board, code committee and advisory board of the city of New York.

The primary purpose of Five Boro is to support NYC Master Licensed Electricians in advancing their electrical businesses while serving as an advocate voice on behalf of the industry when interacting with governing agencies. Its in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the electrical industry and its relationship to the controlling bodies of New York City has resulted in continued membership growth.

Please contact us regarding membership for other trade experts in addition to the Licensed Master Electrician members.

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Five Boro Electrical Contractors Association Inc. hosts monthly member meetings in addition to informative, trade-specific, NYC code-oriented seminars. Our meetings honor our members by holding all events at upscale venues with excellent food and facilities. Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, except for July and August.


Five Boro Electrical Contractors Association Inc. serves as a sustaining resource for NYC Master Licensed Electricians and the companies they own. We provide fellowship and support while conveying timely information and resources for helping contractors advance their business within the electrical industry.


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